Mandy performs on WFLA Tampa

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mandy harvey performs on wfla

Mandy recently stopped by WFLA Tampa. Check out her interview and performance right here.

mandy harvey performs on wfla

6 Comments on “Mandy performs on WFLA Tampa”

  1. I hope all is going well with you during this pandemic. I watch your video on America’s Got Talent very often. I am 75 years old, soon to be 76. When things begin feeling scary, I get inspiration from watching you. I have a granddaughter who is losing her hearing, also. She will eventually, need a guide dog. It helps to see that the possibilities for her don’t have to end. She doesn’t have your musical talent, but it does show that even the seemingly impossible can be accomplished.
    God bless you and let your father know that he’s done a fabulous job in raising you!

  2. Hi Mandy,

    I just came across the YouTube video of your AGT-2017 performance of Try: you touched my heart!
    You have a beautiful voice! And talent! And you found a way to show the world how to make it a better place. Your determination to expand the good and bring sparkles and positive energy to the table is very inspiring!

    It’s such a pleasure to listen to you.
    Thank you for all of that!


  3. I played your 1st Audition at “America’s got talent” today for the kids at our school. So beautiful! So authentically heavenly. Thank you for being an inspiration to us. Keep on making music.

    (South Africa)

  4. My wife passed in 2015 and I’m still broken. When I feel especially low I play “Try” on YouTube and it makes me cry and then cheers me up.
    Thank You!
    PS: Hope your in town and having a concert when I visit Disney World.

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