Mandy featured on CNN’s ‘Turning Points’

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mandy harvey cnn turning points

Check out Mandy Harvey featured on CNN’s ‘Turning Points’. Here’s an excerpt.

Mandy Harvey takes people on a journey when she sings.

“The thing I love about music … you can close your eyes and be transported back to a memory or a dream or a feeling,” the 30-year-old said.

Harvey has near-perfect pitch, so it’s hard to believe she is deaf.

“I was always a shy child and slightly hard of hearing, so music was my outlet. I started singing in a choir when I was 4 years old,” she said.

Harvey, who grew up in south Florida, was born with deformed eustachian tubes. This led to infections, perforated eardrums and surgeries. She was also born with a connective tissue disorder called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome type 3.

Click here to check out the full piece.

mandy harvey cnn turning points

4 Comments on “Mandy featured on CNN’s ‘Turning Points’”

  1. I showed your video to my 2nd grade students and they were in awe and amazed by what you do. The conversation that followed was amazing! They decided that if you could be that courageous (our character trait that month), then there was no way they would ever give up or say that something was too hard or too scary. You were an inspiration for them and I know that this story and this conversation will stay with them forever! You are an amazing example and role model for young people today! Thank you!

  2. Mandy I absolutely love love love your voice and the songs you wrote. What made me pay attention in the beginning on AGT when you had a signer. BECAUSE my girls taught their selve how to do ASL and then started classes at our public library. My oldest daughter will be going to college to teach in Dallas she hopes at the Deaf and Blind school…you are such a POSITIVE role model to EVERYBODY…keep going after your dream. And you are a gorgeous young lady.

  3. I want to be a singer, but I have stage fright and freeze up on stage unless I have a large group with me that I can hide in. My whole family loves you and my brothers are always begging my mom to play your songs. I’m only in middle school but I have a hope that I’ll get over my stage fright. People are always complimenting me when I get caught singing but I can’t help but freeze and not talk. Were you frightened?

  4. Ehlers-Danols is such a hard disease. I sublux and dislocate all the time as well, and so few people – even doctors – are familiar with it. Much love from one zebra (and a vocal performer at that!) to another 🙂 Your music is beautiful and your lyrics give me strength on bad days. A few months ago I listened to your song during a spinal tap – I know that’s probably not what you want your music associated with, haha, but it really helped me get through. Thank you.

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