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Some topics she has recently presented include Chasing Dreams, Overcoming Fear, Embracing Failure, Invisible Disabilities and Overcoming Barriers.

Because of her work to encourage others Mandy has been connected with non profits such as No Barriers and Invisible Disabilities. She has been presented as a HearStrong Champion and receiving Invisible Disabilities 2015 “But You Look Good” award. In addition to speaking Mandy incorporates American Sign Language and music in her presentations and has performed at some of the most renowned venues across the US.

Mandy continues to inspire, motivate, drive, challenge and demonstrate hope to others.


Songwriting and Expressions – Mandy is committed to teach all age groups and skill levels on how to write or improve song writing skills as well as instill an understanding of the therapeutic uses of music. Many of Mandy’s students walk out of the clinic have a deeper sense of how to reach deeper into your heart and soul and express the feelings that you actually want to convey in a song.

Introduction to Feeling Music - An introduction to feeling vibrations and the beginning steps on how to appreciate music through touch.

2015 Higher Purpose Project Summit: Embracing Fear. Should be noted Mandy has a serious fear of heights which she faced twice throughout the weekend.

Mandy is an accomplished and sought after motivational speaker and performer. She has faced adversity head on and overcome a life changing event at the age of 18, the loss of her hearing. Mandy quickly realized that her hearing may have left but her passion for music and the sharing of this joy would not hold her back. Over the past several years she has motivated individuals, small groups and large international crowds and has often left the individual or audiences with a real belief that they can also overcome their personal barriers.